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Tesla Coils for Educators!  
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We build Tesla Coils for the educational marketplace.


Science is fun, exciting and relevant to our students’ lives, and a Tesla Coil is just the tool to prove it!  When you introduce your students to the states of matter, let them see and feel Plasma.  Give your students a real world example of electrical energy and allow them to experience how energy can be transmitted. 

Demonstrate the nature and properties of waves.  Provide hands on examples of resonance, conduction and induction.

Most significant educational experiences are those that cross the curriculum and make connections between disciplines.  Imagine real enthusiasm from students and faculty as you connect your science curriculum to history, English and economics. 

Nicola Tesla and Thomas Edison confronted each other with AC and DC power distribution systems.  You know who won, right?  It wasn’t Edison!  Titans of industry embraced Tesla’s concept of AC power and George Westinghouse brought Tesla’s AC power system to every city in America.